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This Tutorial is out of date, as it was written in 1998, but perhaps it will still be of use to some:

After receiving the VisualAge for Java beta version from the Internet, it was apparent that the Tutorial was missing. Yes, there are two examples provided, which you can view from the IDE. But they donít tell you how they were created.

Following are my meager attempts to walk you step-by-step through the procedures I took to come up with my first applet which accesses a DB2 database.

WARNING: This Tutorial is not completed.

The tables I create are based on a college list of courses schedule. You can use the SAMPLE tables that came with your database or whatever you prefer.

Every so often, be sure to backup your VisualAge Java directories.  Iíve had to uninstall and reinstall 7 times due to bugs in the EAB. Deleting the directories and installing from the backup is quicker than uninstall and reinstall. (I finally started doing it via the backup after the 6th time.) I did finally find out from the support staff for the beta version that my problem was typing my method SQL statement and putting in carriage returns. I needed to use one long line instead.

I havenít completed the VisualBuilder portion as I switched jobs and we are not working with Java on my current job. But Iíve decided to leave this site up for those of you who would appreciate the tutorial for the EAB, importing the beans into the IDE, etc.


Nannette Thacker

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Modified: 02/11/99