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These files are uploaded as *.txt file types. You will need to change them to the appropriate extension before compiling. All were written by Nannette Thacker.

C source code -- .c extension
An algorithm for finding the area and the perimeter (where applicable) of a circle, rectangle, square, sphere and cube.

In the field of Electronics, a device by name resistor is often used to increase or decrease the flow of current. The resistance of a resistor is considered to be an important value that has to be determined while an electronic circuit is designed. The resistors are coded with colored bands through which you can find their values. This application takes three values input by the user, converts the character values to a number, returns the color strings and the converted number.

Loan Program: User inserts borrowed amount, annual interest rate, monthly payment amount. Returns monthly payment of interest, how much toward principal, balance owned on principal at end of month.

Oracle & SQL source code -- .sql extension
Simple Oracle program to create tables, fill in values, run SQL, and drop tables.

This file demonstrates the use of Triggers.

This file demonstrates how to create Procedures and a Sequence generator.

This file demonstrates the use of Procedures and Triggers.

This file demonstrates the use of Forms, Triggers, Procedures, etc. Here is a screen shot of the form:


This file demonstrates the use of Reports.

HTML source code -- .html extension
The award-winning Kids Karnival site by Nannette Thacker was done using RAW HTML Code. Go to this site, and it will contain an Easy HTML Tutorial for the very beginner, a sample Forms page showing how to use every possible form element, and a page with tables, showing how to span columns. To view the source, from Netscape, select “View” “Document Source” -- or if using Frames, click on the frame desired and select “View” “Frame Source.” You can save to a source file by using “File” “Save As.”

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Modified: 02/11/99