My Back Button Doesn't Work
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You say the “Back” button on your browser doesn’t work?

Well, I have heard this several times so let me explain some possible reasons:

  • If you’ve just opened your browser, you’ve never been anywhere to go “Back” to so it is disabled. Visit another URL other than your default home page and see if it doesn’t become enabled.
  • Some web sites choose to open a NEW browser window rather than keeping you in the same browser window when you select a link.

For instance, in HTML, you can set your links to send the user to the new link, leaving the current browser window open, but opening the new link in a new browser window. In that case, your Back button is disabled because in this new window you’ve not been anywhere which to go back.

If you suspect this might be what is happening, simply press “Alt + Tab” in Windows to bring up a list of all open windows and voila! you’ll probably see that you have two little browser icons in that list.

To close this new browser window and return to the original link (since the “Back” doesn’t work), simply click the little “X” in the upper right hand corner of the browser screen. This will close only the current browser window and should bring the original one back to the top. If you use “exit” in this browser screen, it will close all browser windows.

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Modified: 02/11/99