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Dr. Dread Animated ANSI RPG!
Multi-player role playing game. Games within a Game!

Beware of the Sizzlers and the Zappers! Watch for the Strange Little Man in the Green Lab Coat! Do you dare make it past Dr. Dread's Electro Droids to Rescue the Hostage? Can you capture Dr. Dread and become a Dread Head?

BATTLE DROIDS: Actual battles requiring skill, stamina, and determination! Use your arrow keys to move your player across the screen in relentless pursuit of your adversary in this animated battle. Arms, legs, weapons!

HOSTAGE RESCUE MISSIONS: Test your bravery as you make your way through mazes, and past incredible obstacles as you attempt to find the hostage. Beware of the gators, sizzlers, zingers! Find the floppy disk to activate the computer and unlock the door to safety. Pick up coins and added bonuses as you go.

STRANGE LITTLE GUY IN THE GREEN LAB COAT: If you can catch this nervous little man roaming the zones, he will offer to sell you unique items which you can use in your quest to be a Dread Head.

ZONED OUT!: No more text-based traveling. ANSI zones, covering more than 1/3 of your screen, add a whole new dimension of travel. Use your number keypad arrow keys to actually move your character about and see the trees, rivers, lakes, forests, and mountains. Other players in the game can actually be seen camping where they left the game. You can challenge them to battle, or walk by and say hello. On-line players can travel together and chat while battling adversaries or one another. 100 easy-to-travel Zones!

BABBETTE'S BOUTIQUE: Purchase gifts for your special sweetie. Earn romance points. Then trade your romance points to Venus for items of more value in your quest.

TRAPPED!: You will be trapped in a room with spiked walls. Beware! The walls will move back and forth trying to crush you. The question isn't "Will you survive?" It's "How long can you survive?"

STARDUST: Don't like to read the docs? Beautiful StarDust travels with you to give you hints and tips on how to play and warn you of the potential dangers ahead. Learn as you go with this on-line-help.


  • Split-screen sysop chat.
  • Keeps List of Dread Heads.
  • Multi-player chatting, traveling, and challenges.
  • Your zonepak contains items such as invisibility tabs, maps, radar trackers, teleportation, transmitters, bio scanners and more!
  • All this gaming excitement in ONE GAME!
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