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Shining Star Software Door Games & Utilities
by Nannette Thacker

MoonDust's County Fair! Dr. Dread! Spiked! Don't Wake the Sysop! Punchline! Trekkie Tags! Jacob's Ladder! Door Fury! Door Rage! Phantom of the Catacombs! MoonChat! and now... Leviathan's Reef!

Leviathan's Reef -- Check out this Action Adventure game based on Greek Mythology!

Standalone Doors or Optional In Game Module (IGM) for Seth Robinson's Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD IGM's)

Multi-Node Chatter Door or Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD) IGM

  • MoonChat! On-Line Full-screen Chatting Door for your users! Links to chatter within Phantom and Fair. Optional standalone door or LORD IGM.

Get Ready for Action & Adventure with this RPG!

Make Logging Off Fun! Put These Two Games On Your Log-Off Menu. Sysop can set maintenance for automatic weekly or monthly score resets. Keeps accumulative scores, high daily scores, and high score at resets. Multi-node play. Players love them!

Tagline Series Fill-in-the-Blanks Phrase Games Do your players enjoy word and phrase games? Do they love to collect taglines? Check out these three games which use your favorite taglines! Games keep scores for ALL players, not just top 10. Sysop can set maintenance to automatically reset scores weekly or monthly. Phrases are traversed in order so players won't get repeats! Resets retain last phrase player was on. Games also keep high scorers at resets! All games are multi-node.

Two Great Door Tracker Utilities

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