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I love your IGM! Its a piece of high quality work, a breath of fresh air in the IGM world! I like Dread a lot - Very original games within a game. I love that! -- Seth Able Robinson, Legend of the Red Dragon, Planets TEOS author.

I have set up & looked at 100's of games, card games, RPG text base games, dice games, word games .. well heaps.. But Dr. dread is the only one I have seen that has an arcade type of interface and worked FIRST TIME out of the box! I just thought I'd let you know how good it is to see a great quality game that is soooo easy to get up and running! -- Geoff Currey

I only wish that there were more people like you to write games that are fun and clean. I only want to write games that I wouldnt be embarrassed to have my kids play someday. -- Scott Jibben, Mines of Gorr and Galactic Overlord author.

You have built probably the best LORD IGM around! One thing that my callers have mentioned is that they love the fact that it is a complete departure from the regular game, and yet just as in life, your actions carry consequences! ;) Job well done! :) -- Raymond Smith - Gollums Lair

I downloaded DREAD from your BBS and it is a very good door! Im impressed! You obviously have the programming talent. -- Jakob Dangarden, Usurper author.

Thank you for the follow up on the registration. I like that personal touch. I must say that my users and myself enjoy your game and it has not given me a single problem on the BBS operating end. Its quite rare that I find a game that does not give me some sort of heartburn with my setup. Keep up the good work! Dr. Dread is very quick and responsive. -- Jim Raver - Sysop & Professional Programmer

Oh Nannette!!!!! did a WONDERFUL job on LORD FAIR! I want to tell you some of the opinions on my board: S.H.: That is soooo cute....I cant wait till you register it! N.B.: Cool...that IGM really rocks! G.W.: Man, that is one of the best IGMs yet! You can get rid of the other ones, IMHO! G.M.: That is is one of the best IGMs you have on your board! -- Nayda Badillo - Hydes Laboratory

Your IGM is the first thing a lot of my callers go into when they play Legend. Its a big hit here! I know my 13 year old son and my 10 year old daughter are getting a kick out of Dr. Dread. I am enjoying it too and am glad that I dont have to worry about what sort of language or situations will come up when they play.....good quality programming, without the anxiety. :) Dr. Dread is working its way up the most played games ladder. Ive already had a player get on the Dread Head list since registering it! Another caller I have told me hes afraid hes become addicted to playing it as well. Its a winner on this BBS! -- Becky Zec - Hare Mail BBS

I was amazed at how Dr. Dread has grown and evolved. No help needed [setting up the game] (which is a rarity here) because the docs are legible, logical, and comprehensive, plus you have created about the ultimate moronproof set up routine Ive seen anywhere. :-D -- Kitt Brown, ** KABOODLES **>

I really like all your software. I run Dread, Trekkie Tags, PunchLine, Fury and L.O.R.D. Fair. All are great! And the Best and Quickest support in the business! -- Tom Pemberton - Asgard.TW BBS Support BBS!

Dr. Dread is one of the most honest, downright friendly games around... its also quite addictive! :-) People of all ages can enjoy this game equally. (Keep up the good work, eh?) -- Warren Schrey - Team OS/2 -- LORE author.

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