Shining Star Software

NOW! Only $10 for all 12 doors!


Nannette Thacker presents...

MoonDust's County Fair! | Dr. Dread!
Spiked! | Don't Wake the Sysop!
Punchline! | Trekkie Tags! | Jacob's Ladder!
Door Fury! | Door Rage!
Phantom of the Catacombs! | MoonChat!
Leviathan's Reef!

All Shining Star Software games are G-Rated for Great Family Fun and Entertainment! Appropriate for ALL ages!

Shining Star Software Doors:

  • Support multi-user, multi-node play.
  • Support nearly all BBS Drop Files, including: DORINFO#.DEF and DOOR.SYS.
  • Have been tested under DOS, Windows, OS/2, DESQview, Novel, Lantastic and more!
  • Come with an easy-to-use installation program, sysop docs, and on-line help.
  • All games contain great ANSI art work by Joanna Watkins of Midnight Machine BBS.
  • All games can be played LOCALLY as well!
  • Are programmed using Turbo C/C++, Brian Pirie's OpenDoors, and Sequiter Software's Codebase database libraries. Screen designs are developed in Microsoft FoxPro.
  • Come AS IS -- there will be no further upgrades or modifications. I have been out of the BBS door game programming biz for several years.
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