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Reader Letters
By Nannette Thacker -

Just wanted to say thanks for the script (8/7/07)

Hi, I am writing a page and wanted to do one of those "clear (or set) 
all checkboxes" but not being familiar with JavaScript, I was having 
trouble extracting the logic from some pages that do this.  So I did 
a Google search on

	javascript check all boxes

and your site was the first that came up.  Clear, concise, and very 
helpful.  Thanks a bunch...

Jim McCullars
University of Alabama in Huntsville

Smart Popup (11/6/01)
Greetings -

The smart popup window code that you have written and so generously
provided on your website allowed me to accomplish exactly what I was
trying to do for an application I'm currently developing. Thanks so much
for taking the time to post (and update) it. It was certainly a great
time saver, as well as a good tutorial for me.



LCDR Carl Cecere
Engineer Officer
NOAA - National Ocean Service
Database Functions (7/1/01)
Hi Nannette,

I read your article on aspcode.com/asp warrior on Functions to Open a 
Database Connection and Record Set.  Thank you for that.

At the end when you're showing the sample usage of the functions you make 
your sql select statement using single quotes around the field value ( 
'that').  I'm a beginner at ASP, and have spent hours trying to figure out 
why my filter statement, and select statement, ...  I've tried both 
methods...  I couldn't figure out why they weren't working.  As soon as I 
put the string containing the filter/select value in single quotes... 

Why is that necessary?  Why haven't my books ($80 worth of them) shown me 
that requirement?  And what a horrible pain that's going to be to write! 
 Is there an approach, method, something that works more clean?  I suspect 
it's got something to do with objects and other stuff I don't yet 
understand how to use and manipulate properly.  I'm not a beginning 
programmer, but that is probably more harm than good in this case.

Thanks again for your article.  And I hope you'll be able to answer my 


Jim Guy
My Response: (7/1/01)
Well, let me see if I can explain it properly.

In some databases, you can name a field or table with more 
than one word with a space, such as "My Employees"... so 
when you are referring to a table name or field name that 
contains a space, you put quotes around it. To differentiate 
from a field "value" instead of a field "name," you use 
the single quotes.... 

(Other databases have you put a brace around these 
instead of quotes.)

So any strings passed into your table and in most databases, 
date values, they are wrapped with the single quotes.

Personally, I don't use field names or table names that 
have spaces to avoid having to mess with this.

Visual Interdev (7/1/01)
Thanks for your publishings, we are NEWBIES with VID and 
I have used some of your examples.

I might need your help sometime with some tech stuff, 
hope you don't mind.

Gotta go, regards and God bless.

Larry Hord
My Response: (7/1/01)
For ASP related questions and answers, here is a list server you can join. 
I belong to the list server...

Popups (6/7/01)
Hi and Hello!
I found your Java script "Smart Popup" on javascript.com
I would like to use it as POPUP version, means with the 
HOVER function as follow:
On my homepage I have a small Image with the title: 
"Joke of the day"
So when the mouse goes over this area the Popup window 
should appear with the Joke of the day...
If I right understand I have to copy both parts of your 
scripts in the HEAD and BODY html section from the "Homepage", right?
Then the question is:
How can I activate the image as the sensible zone 
(the mouse over zone) and how can I write my jokes in 
the popup window? (do I need a separate file?)
Til now I tried different things and get following 
Internet Explorer script Errors:
1) The RPC server is unavailable
2) The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable
3) The remote procedure call failed
I would appreciate your help and say Thanks in advance!
My Response: (6/5/01)
Did you read this article?
His Response: (6/7/01)
YES! I read your article!
"Unfortunately" - your article don't answer my questions...
"Unfortunately" - your article/statement is confusing while 
different to the Javascript I found on the web
"Unfortunately" - your are not able to write a clear Java 
script (easy paste it in the html part of your website...)
"Unfortunately" - some people put their ideas on the wrong 
place or website
"Unfortunately" - some people are very stuck-up
"Fortunately" - I'm not your student
My Response: (6/7/01)
I was merely trying to help you out by pointing out that 
there was more information in the article. If you had 
further questions after having read the article, 
I would have tried to help you.
Unfortunately, some people don't try to exert themselves 
to learn javascript for themselves and want to be 
spoonfed and have me write their code for them.
Fortunately, I get paid $100 an hour and don't need 
to waste my time with smart alecs like yourself, 
so I won't waste any further time trying to help 
you for nothing but insults.

CheckAll Article (6/4/01)
Hi Nannette:

While your check all javascript function  was extremely helpful, I spent
about a half an hour fighting to find the problem when there is only ONE
items with a checkbox.  Perhaps you should mention somewhere that this
function only works with multiple items having check boxes.


Matthew Shoup
If you have a single checkbox (which kind of makes the use of this 
function worthless)... you can do a check for a single checkbox 
like this. If you're creating checkboxes via a database, 
I'd have my loop check if the checkbox list is greater than 1, 
and if so, use the javascript, if not, don't even use it.

	if (field.length > 0)	
		// do the stuff you want to do if more than 
		// one checkbox (which would be the 
		// CheckAll function in your case)
	// if a single check box only
		if (field.checked == true) 
			// do what you want to do here;

Data Connection Functions (5/31/01)
Very Helpful Routine

I've been looking all over the place for this, the best 
I was able to do before was the open the database with 
with a standard script contained in an include file. 
I couldn't figure out how to make the connection 
object available to my other functions unless I 
did it that way. It worked, but looked messy in 
the code. Thanks. P.S. This may be an ASP version 
difference, but on my machine the data type of 
dbConn is "CONNECTION", not "OBJECT". Make sure 
you response.write the value once so that you 
know which to test for on your server. 

Ben from Dallas, TX
(Thursday, May 31, 2001 from http://www.aspin.com review)

Javascript Field Validations (5/27/01)
This is all you need!

This is all you need for a good form validation. 
All the checks possible are discussed. 
And it's even understandable.

Wilmar from Rotterdam, Netherlands
(Thursday, May 27, 2001 from http://www.aspin.com review)

Comment on Popup Windows (5/31/01)
Hi there,
The way you express yourself is clear and succinct qualities I admire.
Keep up the great work only if it does not interfere with your personal desires.
God bless,
The Power that Made the body Heals the body.	

Check Numeric Validation (4/5/01)
Awesome, easy to use

This script is very useful and easy to modify. 
I used it for users to input a price that will 
be added to a database. It is critical that the 
price is input in a format that the database field 
(data type is currency, or money) can recognize. 

Joey from Seattle Washington
(Thursday, April 5, 2001 from http://www.aspin.com review)

To Host or Not to Host
I had read some of your articles quite some time ago
and especially enjoyed reading about your hosting 
decisions. Actually at the time we were
deciding whether to host visualbuilder.com ourselves
or use a provider. We decided on the provider...
so we could focus on the site design and
content. It was good to read something on the subject
and it confirmed what we were thinking.

Best Regards,
Farhan Chughtai

Setting Up Your Own ASP Development Templates
Hi Nannette,

Just wanted to say thanks, and let you know how helpful your article on
"Setting Up Your Own ASP Development Templates" was. I am building an
Intranet for the company I work for. The site will have lots of pages that
all need the same header, toc, and footer sections. Your technique of using
reusable include files to build a template, works like a charm. Once again

-Tony Arden
  Sr. Web Developer
  Base Technologies, Inc.

Javascript Dynamic Text Area Counter

Thank you so much for your reply. I used your dynamic text area 
counter, and it works perfectly!!

Thanks again...

Ozlem Ozkaya

Javascript Field Validations
Simple and works great

I'm just a beginner and really appreciated this form validation code. 
Most tips and tutorials are not this easy to understand and apply to your 
own page/code. 

Philip from Ottawa, Canada  
(Monday, August 14, 2000 from http://www.aspin.com review)

Setting Up Your Own ASP Development Templates
I read the article you wrote on using include files
instead of CSS, and I have a question relating to it. 
How do you simulate classes without using CSS?  Should
I just manually do that by naming my possible include
files by different names?

Thanks in advance for your response. 

Ryan Burns  


When I wrote the article, the browsers not supporting CSS 
were in majority use. With the majority of browsers now 
supporting CSS, I currently use a combination of CSS and functions.

I use functions for headers:

fmtPageHead("My Page Head")

body text goes here


But within my format for links in particular, I use the CLASS 
attribute to setup a style sheet for hovers, nounderline and 
stuff like that. So I would say you should feel free to use 
a combination of both.

Nannette Thacker 


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