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HTML Tutorial
By Nannette Thacker - 1/30/2001 Updated 2/15/2001

Note to general readers: I am teaching an HTML course at a local Academy. Below are the Lesson instructions for the class. The instructions include assignments. You may click the Lesson links below to simply read about HTML or you may do the assignments for your own learning experience.


  1. HTML Template
  2. BODY
  3. Text
  4. Ordered Lists
Assignment 1:
  • Read the three web page documents for Lessons #1-3. (HTML Template, BODY, Text.)
  • Open Word Pad
  • Using the Template link, cut and paste into the Word Pad document.
  • Save in text format to your floppy disk as "test.html" You may need to rename your document if it saves it with a ".txt" extension.
  • Open a new browser window and open "test.html" in your browser.
  • You should have two browser windows open, and your Word Pad document open. Use ALT+TAB to move back and forth between browsers and your Word Pad document.
  • Using Lessons #1-3, add text to your document.
  • As you try out the different commands, hit the REFRESH button on your "test.html" document in your browser window.
Assignment 2:
  • Open Word Pad
  • Using what you learned in Assignment 1, create an html document named with your first name, i.e.: "nannette.html" Save to your floppy disk.
  • Using the Template link, cut and paste into the Word Pad document.
  • Save the document repeatedly as you make changes.
  • Create a TITLE for your page.
  • Create a headline for your page.
  • Input several paragraphs of text that introduce yourself and answers the below questions. You may use BOLD for subheads within your document, as necessary.
    • Your first name.
    • Your favorite sport.
    • Your pet - if you have one.
    • Your favorite game.
    • What careers you would consider doing when you grow up. Or if you are grown, what career you currently have.
    • List at least one goal you have for yourself to accomplish within the next month.
    • List at least one goal you have for yourself to accomplish within the next year.
    • List at least one goal you have for yourself to accomplish within the next five years.
  • Save the document. View the final version.
  • Utilize all of the commands you have learned in Assignment 1.
Assignment 3:
Using the Ordered Lists lesson, add HTML code to put your favorite things into an ordered list.

Ordered Lists


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